File Naming

Rules and parameters for output file naming

ByteNite's API includes a versatile filename builder, enabling you to customize your output file names using various job metadata elements.

Utilize the output_template field within the data object when setting Job Parameters. This field allows you to define your file naming schema. Below are the rules and permissible parameters.


Create your unique filename template as a string that incorporates both variables and any additional text. Ensure each variable in the template is enclosed in double braces with a dot prefix, like {{.output_params.Video.Codec}}.

Here's the list of variables you can use.

API Endpoints

Create a new job   •    Set job parameters

dataoutput_template string:

{{.job_name}}The name of the job
{{.name}}Name of the preset
{{.output_type}}Format of an output
{{.output_params.Path.To.Parameter}}Parameters for an outputAccess internal parameters using dot notation. They should be in camel case and capitalized, like output_params.Video.Bitrate.AvgBitrate. Refer to your app's JSON schema for nested parameter references.


  "data": {
    "output_template": "{{.job_name}}_{{.output_type}}_{{.output_params.Video.Codec}}_{{.output_params.Aspect.Resolution.Height}}",
    "outputs": {...}

Example of an output name using the previous file naming builder: